Parker's First Organic Salon - Company Message
Why does Rebecca J Salon use ammonia-free haircolor? We care about the health of our staff and clients. The beauty industry is one where we are constantly being exposed to ammonia and chemicals.With advanced technologies, several hair companies have come out with ammonia-free haircolor! This type of color is better for your hair. You won't experience harsh fumes or irritated scalp that is caused by other permanent colors. Come see for yourself what a difference it makes!
Ammonia FREE color from Italy
Chromatics ammonia FREE color
At Rebecca J Salon, our stylist use Perfecta Creme color,  AND Schwarzcopf . These permanent color lines are ALL Ammonia-free. Come in for a consultation to see what your perfect color is.
Ammonia FREE color
Eliminating harsh ammonia means:
*No exposure to odors and fumes for you or the salon!
*The color  plays nice with your hair—much more gentle. Feel the difference in quality.
*Hair structure is protected, reinforced and softened with keratin.
                           *Excellent color coverage, and color doesn’t fade as fast.
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